One UI 6 Beta 3 Update: Galaxy S23 Series Gets a Boost

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Gets a Boost with One UI 6 Beta 3 Update

Samsung is back with some exciting news for Galaxy S23 users, including those who have the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, or Galaxy S23 Ultra. They’ve just released the One UI 6 Beta 3 update, and it’s bringing some cool improvements.

One UI 6 Beta 3 Update Galaxy S23
One UI 6 Beta 3 Update Galaxy S23

What You Need to Know About the One UI 6 Beta 3 Update?

1. More Control Over App Updates: Samsung is giving you more say in what apps get updated on your phone. In the past, they used to update all the system apps automatically when you got a new Android version. But now, you can choose which apps you want to update. It’s as easy as checking boxes for the apps you want to update alongside the new Android version. The ones you don’t pick will need manual updates.

2. Better Video Player: They’ve made the video player easier to use. They grouped similar buttons together, and they put the Play button right in the middle of the screen. Plus, you can change the playback speed of videos more easily with dedicated buttons.

3. Fixing Annoying Issues: Samsung has been working hard to fix problems. They’ve dealt with things like the home screen crashing, issues with Bixby calls, apps suddenly closing, and routines not working. This means your phone should run smoother and without those annoying hiccups.

Stuff Samsung’s Still Working On

1. Kids App Installation: If you want to install the Kids app after the One UI 6 update, you might have to wait until mid-September.

2. Login Trouble: Some people might have trouble logging in after doing stuff like resetting their Samsung Pass or logging out of their Samsung account.

3. Voice Commands and Google Assistant: Sometimes, the phone might not understand voice commands during calls, like when you’re told to “answer the phone.” There can also be issues with Google Assistant in specific situations.

How to Get the Update?

To get all these cool changes, just go to your phone’s settings, find “Software update,” and select “Download and install.”

This update shows that Samsung is listening to its users and working to improve their phones. Enjoy new features and controls on your Galaxy S23.

One UI 6 Beta 3 Update: More Galaxy S23 Improvements – Web Story

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