7 Steps To Use Echo Dot As Bluetooth Speaker Without Wifi

This guide is for you to show you how to use echo dot as bluetooth speaker without wifi. Amazon’s Echo Dot speaker, better known for its voice assistant Alexa, works like any other Bluetooth speaker, streaming music, podcasts, and other audio apps from your smartphone, tablet, or another Bluetooth-enabled device.

You can also stream it. This not only improves sound quality but also unlocks services that Alexa can’t access, such as Apple Music and popular podcast apps.

Amazon’s success in the e-commerce is due to relentless efforts and superior quality. There is no denying that Amazon Alexa has made its way into many homes due to its brilliance and power.

Alexa’s full range is incredible. Amazon has successfully launched a series of products called Amazon Echo, Echo Tap, Echo Look, Echo Show, and Echo Dot. They all have their own unique abilities in their own way, with key characteristics that make them adept at all tasks.

Amazon’s Echo Dot speakers are best known for their Alexa voice assistant. However, it requires WiFi to work, which can frustrate users who have an Echo Dot or other Echo speakers but don’t have an active WiFi connection.

Fortunately, all Echo devices have Bluetooth functionality and can be used to stream music and audio from your phone. Here’s How To Use Echo Dot As Bluetooth Speaker Without Wifi or Internet.

There are several scenarios where Alexa can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. If you subscribe to Apple Music, you can listen to your favorite songs on Amazon Echo’s quality speakers.

Just connect your iOS smartphone to the Amazon Echo Dot and you’re ready to go You can follow the same process to listen to audiobooks and podcasts on your Amazon Echo.

Use Echo Dot As Bluetooth Speaker Without Wifi

Can You Use Echo Dot Without Wi-Fi?

Some basic Alexa features work without a WiFi connection, but to get the most out of everything Alexa has to offer, connect your compatible Echo or Alexa device to a stable WiFi connection.

Most smart devices, including the Echo Dot, require a Wi-Fi connection for a variety of reasons.

  • Wi-Fi lets you connect devices to music streaming services
  • The Echo Dot gives you access to podcasts and other audio via Wi-Fi
  • The Alexa voice assistant feature requires Wi-Fi to access information over the Internet and launch apps
  • Echo Dot requires Wi-Fi to connect to Amazon’s servers
  • Commands are stored on the server, not on the device

Without WiFi, Alexa can’t connect to features and apps like Google, music streaming services, news feeds, radio stations, and more. So if you’re investing in an Alexa-compatible device, you’ll need a stable WiFi connection or hotspot to get the ultimate Alexa experience.

Use Echo Dot As Bluetooth Speaker Without Wifi

So you bought a new Amazon Echo device but didn’t have an active Wi-Fi connection at the time? Or your Wi-Fi plan has expired but you want to use Alexa to play music over Bluetooth? Want to play?

Do not worry. From setting up Alexa from scratch to pairing it with your phone’s Bluetooth, you’ve done everything right.

Regular use of the Echo requires a lot of communication with Alexa. So the Bluetooth setup process requires a bit of conversation with Amazon’s smart assistant.

In order for Alexa to place your order, you need to speak to your Alexa device. Again, you need to communicate with the Alexa device.

Step 1: First, turn on your Bluetooth speaker. Then open the Alexa application on your phone.

Step 2: After opening the Alexa application, click on the More option.

Step 3: Then click on the Settings option.

Step 4: Then click on the Device Settings option.

Step 5: Then click on Choose Bedroom Echo Dot option.

Step 6:  Click on the Connect a device option to connect to the Bluetooth Speaker. 

Step 7: Then connect by pairing the name and address of the Bluetooth device you want to connect.

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Does Echo Dot Work Without the Internet?

Alexa works without the internet. However, most of its functionality is limited. At best, you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker or alarm clock — you can set reminders, adjust volume, and call synced contacts without the Internet. Alexa can also control smart devices, but only via Bluetooth.

What can Echo Dot Do Without The Internet?

The following things can be done on Echo Dot without the internet.

Set an Alarm and Reminders

Now, this has a twist. After setting the alarm, the Alexa alarm function will continue to work even if the internet is interrupted.

But when connecting to Wi-Fi, you need to set the alarm first. When it comes to setting reminders, you shouldn’t have any problems. No internet connection is required to manage or set reminders.

Use as a Bluetooth Speaker

Even without WiFi, your Echo device works as a Bluetooth speaker. I agree. If you’ve saved music on your phone or downloaded all the songs on Spotify for offline listening, you can use Alexa as a speaker. But if you’re used to streaming music online, unfortunately…you can’t do that with your Echo device.

Control Smart Devices

If you’ve already paired all your smart home devices with Alexa, you can control them without WiFi However, if your smart devices need a stable internet connection to work, you can’t use Alexa to control them. Generally, any smart home device with Bluetooth should be fine.

Control Volume

The command to control volume can be one of those voice commands that work without WiFi. You can ask Alexa to raise or lower the volume, but that’s it. If you want to learn more about Alexa’s offline capabilities, you can say, “Alexa, what can I do offline?”

Call Another Echo Dot Device

Sync your contacts with the Alexa app so you can make calls without WiFi. But if you want to make a phone call through Facebook Messenger, for example, it’s not possible at all. Basically, Wi-Fi is required to access most of Alexa’s calling and messaging features. This includes international calls.

Can Echo Dot Be Used As a Wired Speaker With a Phone?

If that sounds boring, there’s another way to use the Echo Dot as a speaker. This includes connecting the AUX cable to the Echo Dot’s 3.5mm input. Your Echo Dot will then play music from your connected device.

1. Plug the AUX cable into the Echo Dot’s 3.5mm jack next to the power port.

2. Connect the other end of the cable to the smartphone or other device you want to connect your Echo Dot to as well.

3. Once both devices are connected, sound from the source device (smartphone in this example) will play through the Echo Dot speakers.

Can Echo Dot Work Without Power?

Your Echo Dot must be connected to work. The same goes for Alexa. Echo Dot features, including Alexa, won’t work unless plugged into a power outlet. However, many third-party companies offer compatible battery packs for the Echo Dot, so you no longer have to rely on a wired system to enjoy your smart speaker.

Does Alexa Echo Dot Need WiFi To Play Music?

Unlike other smart speakers, Amazon’s Alexa relies entirely on Wi-Fi, allowing you to access everything from Google to various music streaming services. It is also impossible to connect to these programs and features without access to Wi-Fi.


With Amazon Alexa getting a lot of attention around the world, Amazon has provided several ways to make it easier for users to use Amazon Alexa.

Many users are wondering how to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-Fi. This blog offers solutions that allow you to Use Echo Dot As Bluetooth Speaker Without Wifi.

Most features won’t work on your Echo Dot without Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is required to connect to Amazon servers to send and receive data.

However, you can use Bluetooth on your device and use it as a standard speaker. It can even connect to a cellular hotspot if it’s set up to access some of the Echo Dot’s smart features.

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