Google Pixel Watch 2 Unveiled

Get ready for the Google Pixel Watch 2, set to debut on October 4 at the Made by Google event.

EDA and Skin Temperature Sensors

Learn about the EDA sensor and skin temperature sensor, designed to help users manage stress and monitor skin temperature in real time.

Stress Management Upgrade

Discover how the Pixel Watch 2 is set to enhance stress management, making it a valuable addition to your daily life.

Accurate Skin Temperature Tracking

Explore how the Pixel Watch 2's skin temperature tracking sets it apart, providing accurate insights into your body's temperature changes throughout the day.

Potential for Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Learn about the possibility of menstrual cycle tracking on the Pixel Watch 2, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 6.

Built-in Thermometer

Find out about the built-in thermometer in the Pixel 8 and how it may interact with the Pixel Watch 2 for users with both devices.

Software Updates for Fitbit Devices

Discover the upcoming design refresh for Fitbit devices, aligning their software with the style of the Pixel Watch 2.

Enhanced Personal Safety App

Explore the upgraded Personal Safety App, including Car Crash Detection and emergency sharing features on the Pixel Watch 2.

Safety Check Feature

Learn about the 'schedule a Safety check' feature, counting down to check your well-being, and how it works without a smartphone connection.

Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode

Get insights into how Google Assistant's interpreter mode will be integrated into the Pixel Watch 2 for seamless translation.