Microsoft Announces Surface Laptop Studio 2

Get the scoop on Microsoft's latest release: the Surface Laptop Studio 2 with upgraded chips and ports.

High-End Convertible Laptop

Unveiled at a launch event in NYC, the Surface Laptop Studio 2 retains the sleek design of its predecessor and introduces power-user features.

Intel 13th Gen Inside

The laptop runs on Intel's 13th Gen i7 H chips, delivering impressive performance.

Graphics Excellence

Equipped with Nvidia RTX 4050/4060 GPU, expect top-notch graphics.

Storage and Memory Options

Configure with up to 2TB of storage and 64GB of RAM to suit your needs.

Enhanced Connectivity

Explore its versatile connectivity options, including USB-C, USB-A, microSD card reader, and Surface Slim Pen 2.

Innovative Touchpad

Experience the most inclusive touchpad on any laptop, enhancing user interaction.

Addressing Previous Concerns

Microsoft addresses past issues with improved ports, performance, and battery life.

AI Spotlight

Discover Microsoft's AI focus, a highlight of this year's launch event.

New Surface Lineup

Alongside the Laptop Studio 2, Microsoft unveils the Surface Go 3 for portability and creators.

A Changing Landscape

Panos Panay's departure raises questions about the future direction of Microsoft's hardware division.