Nokia's AVA Data Suite on Google Cloud

Nokia launches AVA Data Suite to accelerate AI/ML for telcos on Google Cloud.

Empowering Telcos

AVA Data Suite offers standardized data products for 4G, 5G, and fixed domains, enhancing network performance and sustainability.

Key Partnership

Hamdy Farid, SVP at Nokia, highlights the partnership with Google Cloud for AI/ML projects.

Seamless Integration

Nokia AVA Data Suite integrates seamlessly with Google Cloud's BigQuery and Vertex AI.

BigQuery's Role

BigQuery handles data storage for Nokia AVA Data Suite, supporting AI/ML applications.

Vertex AI Power

Vertex AI powers AI/ML model building and training, optimizing network operations.

Rapid Data Standardization

Nokia's AVA Data Suite streamlines data standardization, reducing the timeline to just weeks.

Unlocking AI Potential

Vivek Gupta, Head of Telco AI Solutions at Google Cloud, emphasizes the potential of AI/ML for telcos.

Transforming Telco Networks

The integration between Nokia and Google Cloud empowers telcos to build, manage, and maintain advanced networks.

Future of Telco

Nokia's AVA Data Suite on Google Cloud paves the way for innovative AI/ML-driven telco solutions.