Snoopy on Apple Watch

The beloved Snoopy arrives on your Apple Watch, thanks to WatchOS 10.

Apple's Promise Fulfilled

WatchOS 10 delivers on Apple's promise to bring Snoopy to your wrist.

Creative Collaboration

Apple worked closely with Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates to make this happen.

Dynamic Animations

Snoopy on your watch responds to your activities and the time of day with 148 unique animations.

From Sketches to Reality

It all started with rough sketches at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California.

Meticulous Design

Every detail, even Snoopy's subtlest movements, was carefully considered.

Charming Specifics

Snoopy's unique quirks, like holding up his ear to shield Woodstock from the rain, were included.

Honoring Tradition

The Snoopy Apple Watch face pays homage to the comic strip tradition.

1980s Snoopy

The chosen incarnation of Snoopy reflects the character's look from the 1980s.

Innovative Engineering

Apple's engineers used advanced technology to ensure you enjoy these animations without repetition.

Available Now

Get the Snoopy Apple Watch face on WatchOS, compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and newer models.

New Features

Apple Watch Series 9 brings exciting features, including the 'double tap' gesture control.

The iPhone 15 Release

Stay tuned for the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 15.

Embrace the Magic

Discover the magic of Snoopy on your wrist with Apple, where technology meets heartwarming charm.