Spider-Man 2:

Swing Across Water – A Sunset Overdrive Connection

Swinging Over Water

Spider-Man 2 introduces an amazing new way to traverse the city – gliding across water!

Insomniac Games, creators of Spider-Man, took inspiration from Sunset Overdrive for this exciting feature.

Sunset Overdrive Influence

Aaron Espinoza's Insight

Aaron Espinoza, senior community manager for Insomniac, shares his excitement about the water gliding mechanic.

No Web Needed!

You won't need to hang on a web while gliding. Enjoy the freedom to explore without constraints.

New Areas Unveiled

Swing to the game's new locations, Brooklyn and Queens, using bridges and buoys.

Sunset Overdrive Gliding

Watch how gliding worked in Sunset Overdrive to get a sneak peek of Spider-Man 2's mechanics.

Maintaining Momentum

Discover how Peter and Miles maintain momentum while swinging with this new feature.

Exclusive Gameplay Preview

Check out 10 minutes of new gameplay footage, including epic battles and thrilling encounters.

Meet the Villains

Get ready to face a new lineup of villains in Spider-Man 2. Explore the Marvel universe like never before.

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