How to Know If Your Instagram Account is Banned?

Have you ever suddenly felt that your Instagram account looks weird? Maybe your posts, likes and comments have disappeared?

Then it may be that your Instagram account has been banned. Let us try to find out if there is any problem with your Instagram account.

In today’s post, we will tell you How to Know If Your Instagram Account is Banned and how to get your Instagram account back to normal.

How to Know If Your Instagram Account is Banned
How to Know If Your Instagram Account is Banned

If you like to use Instagram to connect with your acquaintances and friends and share your thoughts, then it is important to know about the term “Account Ban“.

Don’t worry, we will tell you in very simple words what an Instagram account ban actually is, and so that you can avoid any problems.

What is an Instagram account ban?

Instagram account ban refers to actions taken by Instagram to restrict or disable a user’s account for violating the platform’s terms of use or community guidelines. When an account is banned, the user loses access to their profile, posts, followers and other account-related features.

Account bans on Instagram are of two types depending on the severity of the violation and the violation history of the user –

  1. Temporary Ban: This is a ban where you can’t use Instagram for a while. You can’t do some things on Instagram, but you will soon be able to fully use Instagram again.
  2. Permanent Ban: Such bans are serious. Your account will disappear, and you will never get your Instagram account back.

Wondering how to determine if your Instagram account is banned? And what can you do to restore it? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Know If Your Instagram Account is Banned

If your Instagram account is banned, you may receive a notification from Instagram explaining the reason for the ban. In some cases, Instagram may offer the opportunity to appeal the ban, especially if you believe it was a mistake or misunderstanding.

It’s important to be aware of Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines to avoid violating Instagram’s policies and risking account bans. If you have questions or concerns about the ban, you should reach out to Instagram support for assistance.

However, there’s more to it – additional factors can also lead to encountering a “user not found” error while attempting to locate an Instagram account.

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Other Ways to Know If Your Instagram Account is Banned

1. Try to find your Instagram account

You could ask your friend to check how your account status is shown on Instagram.

They can simply use the magnifying glass icon located in the lower left corner of the screen and type your account name into the search bar at the top.

If your account doesn’t show up or if your friend hasn’t blocked you, there’s a possibility that your account might have been banned.

2. Log out and Re-login

The initial indication that your Instagram account might have faced a ban is the inability to access it.

When you attempt to log in and encounter an error message, there’s a chance that your account could be under suspension or completely banned.

Additionally, Instagram might notify you directly through a message if your account has indeed been banned.

3. Check if your post has been deleted

Furthermore, an additional indication pointing to a potential ban on your Instagram account is the removal of your posts.

Instagram maintains stringent community guidelines governing the permissible content for users to share.

If these guidelines are violated, Instagram may delete your posts and potentially suspend or terminate your account.

4. Check Pop-up Messages on Instagram

When you’re looking to share information with your friends, this section provides an alternative method to determine whether your Instagram account has been banned.

If your account happens to be banned, a popup notification will appear with the message “You are temporarily blocked“.

Once this notification pops up, you can utilize the “Tell Us” or “Appeal” button to request a review regarding the account’s removal.

5. Check if you received a warning from Instagram

On Instagram, there exists a warning system designed to alert users about potential account bans if they persist in breaching the community guidelines.

Should you receive such a warning from Instagram, it is of utmost importance to treat it with gravity and modify your actions accordingly.

Persistent disregard for these community guidelines can eventually lead to the permanent removal of your account.

6. Check Your Instagram Email

If your account happens to get banned, Instagram will send you an email providing all the pertinent details regarding the reasons and circumstances leading to the ban.

7. Check if you are getting engagement

If you’ve observed a noticeable drop in engagement on your posts, it’s likely that your account has been subjected to shadowbanning.

Shadowbanning occurs when Instagram restricts the visibility of your posts to other users.

This might indicate that Instagram has taken measures against your account due to potential violations of community guidelines.

8. Check if you can follow or like other users

If you’re having trouble liking or following other users’ posts, it’s possible that your account has been banned.

Instagram has specific thresholds for the volume of actions users can take within a given timeframe. If you exceed these limits or engage in spammy behavior, your account may be banned.

9. Check Your Internet Connection

If you’re unable to share your posts or engage with other users, you can try temporarily disconnecting from the Internet.

Wait for a bit, and then reconnect to your WiFi or mobile data to see if that resolves the issue.

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How to Get Unbanned on Instagram

If you believe that your account has been suspended or banned in error, there are steps you can take to recover your Instagram account.

You have the option to challenge this decision by utilizing the Instagram app. Begin by accessing the Instagram application and providing your log in details.

Once logged in, you will receive a notification indicating the status of your account, and whether it has been banned.

Follow the prompts displayed on your screen to initiate a request for a review if you are under the impression that your Instagram account was disabled or banned incorrectly.

If the message isn’t visible to you, you have the option to visit Instagram’s Help Center for assistance. Alternatively, you can get in touch with support right from the app itself:

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the Instagram app and log in using your username and password.
  • Look for the message indicating that your account has been banned.
  • If you can’t find the message, head over to Instagram’s Help Center. Alternatively, you can directly reach out to customer service via email.

It’s important to note that once your account is deleted, recovery won’t be possible. Hence, it’s crucial to adhere to the Community Guidelines to ensure the safety of your account.

Sometimes, things take time to get fixed. So be patient and wait until your account is fixed.

Why Do Instagram Accounts Get Banned?

Common reasons for Instagram account bans include:

  • Violating Community Guidelines: Posting content that is considered offensive, inappropriate, violent, or sexual, as well as harassment, bullying, or hate speech.
  • Spam and Fake Engagement: Instagram bans accounts that engage in spammy behavior, such as excessive liking, commenting, following or unfollowing in a short period of time. Creating or using fake accounts to artificially increase engagement (likes, comments, followers) is also a violation.
  • Intellectual Property Infringement: Sharing copyrighted content without authorization or permission, such as using someone else’s photo or video without credit.
  • Posting Sensitive Content: Sharing graphic or explicit content without proper content warnings or violating age restrictions.
  • Breach of Privacy: Sharing someone’s personal information, private conversations or sensitive data without consent.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What does a banned Instagram account look like?

Ans: A banned Instagram account may show signs of a sudden drop in engagement – ​​fewer likes, comments and followers. You may not be able to post, like, share, or comment on Instagram, and your posts may not be visible in hashtags or the Explore section.

Q 2: How long does an Instagram ban last?

Ans: The duration of the Instagram ban cannot be specified, it may vary. Temporary bans can last from a few hours to a few weeks. Permanent bans are irreversible and lead to account removal.

Q 3: Can you recover a banned Instagram account?

Ans: Yes, you can recover a banned Instagram account, but it depends on the type of ban. The temporary ban is automatically lifted after a specified period of time. In case of a permanent ban, you can appeal to Instagram explaining your situation and requesting a review.

Q 4: how to recover a suspended Instagram account?

Ans: Follow these steps to recover a suspended Instagram account:

Step 1: Log in to your account.
Step 2: Check for any notices or messages of suspension.
Step 3: Follow the instructions given to appeal the suspension
Step 4: Be patient and wait for Instagram’s response.

Q 5: How long does Instagram take to review your account?

Ans: Instagram’s review process time can vary, but it usually takes a few days to a week. During this time, Instagram will evaluate your application and the reason for the ban. So this time you should be patient and refrain from violating any guidelines while reviewing.


Unless you have violated any of Instagram’s guidelines, your account suspension or ban is likely to be an unintentional error. You can simply follow the steps mentioned above to restore your account.

This article provides a guide on How to Know If Your Instagram Account is Banned, how to find out the possible reasons for the ban, and steps to recover the account if banned.

If you’ve violated Instagram’s rules or terms of service, you still have the option to appeal to them for a potential account reinstatement.

However, it’s important to be aware that if you have indeed broken their terms of service, Instagram does have the right to permanently deactivate your account.

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